Sales and Marketing of Cables

The Most Extensive, Most Varied, Highest-Quality Inventory in Israel

We market and sell cabling from a catalog that includes more than 8,000 imported products,  manufactured by the leading companies in their field, represented by us in Israel. These products meet the standards: UL, MIL-STD, CE, and others.

Compliance with these standards enables the regulated use of our raw materials in the civilian, medical, military, and high-tech industries.

We are the only suppliers in the country with such a wide range of products, with a broad selection  of available inventory for incredible flexibility in providing solutions to the consumer, with rapid delivery time.

Why Us?

Over 8,000 Products

Delivery within two Weeks

Always-available Inventory

Professionalism, Flexibility and Creative Solutions

Among our Products

Wires and cables with PVC, Teflon, PUR silicone insulation and more. 

Sleeves and Heat Shrink sleeves made of PVC, POLYOLEFELIN, TEFLON, SILICONE materials.

EXPANDO mesh insulation sleeves, anti-heat mesh sleeves that protect up to 1200 degrees. 

Shielding Briads to QQB-575. 

M8, M12, M24 connectors that are IP67-resistant.

Cables and wires

Power Cord Cables

Robotics Cables

PVC cables and wires

Teflon Cables & Wires

Silicone Cables & Wires

Customize Molded Cables

Military Cables

COAX Cables

Canbus Cables

High Flex Camera Cables/USB 3.Optical™

Spiral Cables

Hybrid Cables


Electrical Tape with multi functions

Copper Braids 

Expandable Sleeves

Cabel Spiral Wrap

Full Turnkey Solutions

Customizsed Products

Full Turnky Solutions

Harness Cable Assembly


Heat Shrinkable Tubing

NON Shrinkable Tubing

Electro Mechanical

CBR Plate

Multilayer Warning Light

Warning Light / Motor Siren

Lables & Printing Accessories

Heat Shrinking Printing


DPI 200&300 Printers