A Team of Professionals

About Fritz Kupferschmied, Ltd. (FRK)

Fritz Kupferschmied, Ltd. (FRK) was established as a family company in 1989.

We are engaged in assembling machines, advanced electro-mechanical assemblies, and braids for the medical, military, and civilian sectors, alongside marketing and sale of cables, wires, and end-point accessories.

As the company has grown over the years, we have made sure to maintain its family character.

The core benefit proposition of our business is our ability to provide a comprehensive, full-service solution, from the raw materials we import, through planning and execution, to assembling the final product that includes complex electro-mechanical components. At every stage, we are passionate about adhering to the highest standard of production and service.

We are certified: ISO 9001: 2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485-2016 by ICQ.

The engineering knowledge that our people possess, their deep and broad experience, and their professional capabilities together enable us to provide our customers with optimal and accurate solutions to meet their needs, quickly, and with uncompromising quality.


At FRK, we have two main departments:

The manufacturing engineering department provides a complete solution for assembling and manufacturing machines to make your dreams a reality. This department provides full engineering support, product plan preparation, sub-assemblies, and braids – all assembled in professional and confident hands.

The cables marketing and sales teams provide the broadest range of products in the country, which meet the standards: UL, MIL-STD, CE required in the high-tech industry as well as the medical, military, aviation, and security sectors. Our products are fully stocked, available for immediate purchase.

Our Staff

Thanks to the highest quality of experienced staff at FRK, our clients benefit from the professional, comprehensive service at every step, with flexibility and availability throughout the experience with us. We combine this human factor with only the highest quality, perfectly matched materials that go into your product.

We are here, ready to work with you.